First Nations Responders


Preparing First Nations Responders to Manage Environmental Emergencies Safely


Who Are We? 

First Nations Responders is a British Columbia based Indigenous-owned company that specializes in providing the highest quality training available to First Nations personnel on how to respond effectively and safely, to a major oil spill, or an incident involving contaminants, that threaten our land or waters.

What Are We?

Across British Columbia and Western Canada generally major resource development activities are underway that pose risks to First Nations lands, waters and communities. The recent Mount Polley spill highlighted the need for a large pool of trained and experienced first responders to deal with the environmental and safety issues associated with hazardous materials contamination and related problems. While the presence of First Nations Responders may not have done much after the fact of the mine tailings pond breach, the widespread deployment of trained personnel across the province would help reduce the risks of similar incidents and would lessen the reporting and cleanup times.

There are many high risk environmental risks across the province where First Nations interests are or can be affected, but which are often overlooked: railway and hydro rights of way, hydro-electric undertakings, oil and gas and mining exploration and development, major infrastructure initiatives (i.e. pipelines, dams, highway and road construction, stream and/or river diversions or crossings, hazardous waste spills, etc.). In addition there exist on many First Nations lands pockets of contamination left untended for years that pose health and safety concerns to this day.

What Can We Do For and With You?

First Nations Responders Inc. seeks to address one of the key problems, the lack of trained people in the work force, and the chronic under employment of First Nations young people, the largest and fastest growing population group in the province. First Nations Responders Inc. is a partnership between WDUSK Energy Group and ‘BCHAZMAT Management Ltd., one of the most respected and well known providers of emergency response and training services to deal with the many risks that threaten our environment.

All training provided is fully certified and graduates from the First Responders Training Program will receive formal certification of their skills levels that are recognized industry-wide. Not only will graduates be able to respond safely and effectively to emergency situations on First Nations or other lands, they become instantly employable for their skills in emergency response management.

 Services We Provide

First Nations Responders has a full equipped training facility operated by BC Hazmat Management Ltd. at #6 -10114 McDonald Park Road, Sidney, BC, Class room and field training experiences are provided, and residential accommodation is available close by.

First Responders Inc. will assist in designing a customized training program for individual First Nations designed specifically to address your community’s needs. Call First Nations Responders for more information on up-coming courses and registration details.  Telephone: 250-818-5380

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